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Our Core Values

Destiny Nursing & Care Agency provides practical and personal support to people of all ages and a wide range of needs living in the community. It is our belief that each service user has the right to:

  • Be valued and treated with dignity and respect and to be at the centre of, and included in, all decisions made about their own life.
  • Live a life free from abuse, neglect, harassment and discrimination.
  • Determine and define the desired outcomes of their support service and to reasonably expect that those outcomes will be achieved.
  • Achieve and maintain their maximum level of independence with the minimum level of support.
  • Be supported by care workers that are competent, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Be considered as a person and supported holistically, with equal consideration given to their emotional and social needs as to their physical ones. This includes maintaining confidence and self esteem, alleviating loneliness and isolation and supporting service users to be participating members of society with equal access to mainstream services, facilities, choices and opportunities.
  • Have their personal, lifestyle, cultural and religious beliefs respected and to express those beliefs in any reasonable manner.
  • Be protected from danger, but that this must be balanced against their right to take informed personal risks (where doing so does not put others at unreasonable risk).
  • Be asked for their opinions about the service that they receive and for those opinions to inform the process of continuous improvement of the service.
  • Complain about their services without fear of retribution.